I really appreciate your any help, but please bear in mind these few suggestions.

Be sure that you have read the section HOW TO USE and that you are aware which categories of unlisted coins are not taken into account here.

When sending information about an unlisted coin, a decent and clear photo is a must! The photo should have at least 500 pixels width, but the bigger is the better. Remember that it will be the ultimate proof for others and the evidence used to establish a scientific hypothesis.

An additional data and your comments are also welcome, but in most cases they are not necessary.

Note that another specimen of the already known unlisted type is also worth to submit! Coin from a different die could sometimes turn "an engraver's error" into "an unlisted issue". The number of specimens also gives an idea about the rarity.

Reporting of errors in RIC may be done in the same way. For example, the easiest way to prove that description in RIC is possibly incorrect is to send a picture of the coin in question.

No need to say that your valuable contribution will be always credited to your name.

You can contact me at: notinric@lechstepniewski.info. Also, put the phrase "Not in RIC" in the subject field to prevent your mail from being eaten by spam filter.

Lech Stępniewski