RIC VII, CONSTANTINOPLE [after 53], ANONYMOUS, UNLISTED Æ ISSUE (star and wreath inscribed C/A V/O)



ANEPIGRAPHIC (no legend); star of eight rays ending in pellets. H below (or above).


ANEPIGRAPHIC (no legend); laurel wreath inscribed C/A V/O in three lines.


UNLISTED ISSUE. Tessera. Minted probably in spring 330 for the celebrations of the official dedication of Constantinople (11 May 330). The symbolic meaning of an eight-rayed star and a laurel wreath (corona triumphalis) is uncertain. Also letters C/A V/O remain enigmatic.

See: Simon Bendall, "Two New Anonymous Constantinian Coins", Numismatic Circular August 2008, vol. 116, no. 4, pp. 185-187; Lars Ramskold, "Coins and Medallions Struck for the Inauguration of Constantinopolis 11 May 330", Niš and Byzantium IX, 2011, pp. 125-157.

Coin should be noted after CONSTANTINOPLE 53.


Æ fraction. Weight 1.04 g; diameter 15 mm. Sold on CNG auction 75 (Lot 1145) in May 2007 for USD 575.

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