RIC VII, THESSALONICA [after 58], ANONYMOUS, UNLISTED Æ ISSUE [star (with H) and wreath inscribed C/A V/O]



ANEPIGRAPHIC (no legend); star of eight rays ending in pellets. H below (or above).


ANEPIGRAPHIC (no legend); laurel wreath inscribed C/A V/O in three lines.


UNLISTED ISSUE. Minted in Thessalonica probably between 317-320. The symbolic meaning of an eight-rayed star and a laurel wreath (corona triumphalis) is uncertain. Also letters C/A V/O remain enigmatic.

See: Simon Bendall, "Two New Anonymous Constantinian Coins", Numismatic Circular August 2008, vol. 116, no. 4, pp. 185-187; Lars Ramskold, "Coins and Medallions Struck for the Inauguration of Constantinopolis 11 May 330", Niš and Byzantium IX, 2011, pp. 125-157.

Coin should be noted after THESSALONICA 58.

See also:
CONSTANTINOPLE [after 53], ANONYMOUS, UNLISTED Æ ISSUE [star and wreath inscribed C/A V/O with m.m. TSΔ]


Æ fraction. Weight 1.03 g; diameter 16 mm. Sold on CNG auction 75 (Lot 1145) in May 2007 for USD 575. Ex Lars Ramskold. Sold on Leu Numismatik web auction 25 (lot 2821) in March 2023 for CHF 1,700.

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