CONSTANTINVSPAVG [CONSTANTINVS P AVG]; bust l., laur., helm., in mantle, holding globe surmounted by Victory.


COMITI-AVGGNN [COMITI AVGG NN]; Sol stg. l., chlamys falling from l. shoulder, r. holding up globe, l. whip. Star in right field. PLN in exergue.


[CORRECTION]. Listed in RIC with bust type V which is incorrectly described on p. 134 as cuirassed. Should be "in mantle". See CORRIGENDA, VOL. VI, p. 134. Listed in Huvelin (no. 47; specimen from the British Museum listed below) but also described as cuirassed. Listed in Saint-Colombier-en-Sarzeau Hoard (p. 83, no. 3213; described as in paludamentum). Described correctly in Cloke-Toone (7.03.040). Should be listed in RIC as corrected LONDINIUM 174.


Weight 4.65 g; diameter 22 mm. Coin sold on London Coin Galleries auction 4 (lot 100) in June 2017 for GBP 600.

Other specimens:

- sold on Solidus Numismatik Premium-Auktion 37 (lot 156) in December 2018 for EUR 1,000; weight 4.07 g; diameter 24 mm [click for picture];

- sold on Roma Numismatics auction XIII in March 2017 for GBP 420; sold on CNG auction 121 (lot 971) in October 2022 for USD 400; weight 4.62 g; diameter 23 mm [click for picture];

- from the British Museum Collection (reg. no. B.102); plate coin in Cloke-Toone; weight 3.69 g [click for picture];

- sold on CGB Internet Auction January 2022 for EUR 125; weight 3.89 g; diameter 23.5 mm [click for picture];

- from Saint-Colombier-en-Sarzeau Hoard (plate XXII, no. 3213) [click for picture];

- from Boursies Hoard (p. 106 and plate XIII, no. 25) [click for picture].

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