CONSTANTINVSIVNNOBC [CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C]; bust r., laur., wearing trabea, sceptre in r. hand, Sol on globe in l. hand.


BEATATRAN-QVILLITAS [BEATA TRANQVILLITAS]; globe set on altar inscribed VO/TIS/XX; above, three stars. •STR crescent in exergue.


[CORRECTION]. According to RIC, TRIER 409 has bust I1 (i.e. draped, holding mappa and Victory on globe). However, Bruun mentions in footnote 409 on p. 200 that there is a variety "with rad. Sol stg. on globe". Actually Constantine II is dressed as a priest of Sol and is holding sceptre and Sol on globe (see comment on this bust type in RMBT, p. 22; with incorrect suggestion that this bust is attested only for Constantine II). Listed in RMBT (p. 74, no. 143). Note that variety with bust I1 is listed in RMBT (p. 76, no. 153-154) but not illustrated and probably does not exist.

See also:
TRIER [after 397], CRISPUS, UNLISTED BUST TYPE [priest of Sol]


Weight 3.18 g; diameter 19-20 mm. Ex Beast Coins. Now in the Robert Bernobich Collection.

Other specimens:

- specimen from the Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Collection (reg. no. 18202580); weight 2.86 g; diameter 19 mm [click for picture].

- specimen from Peatstuff; weight 2.29 g; diameter 19 mm [click for picture];

- specimen from www.colleconline.com (coll. Nemesis); weight 3.06 g; diameter 20 mm [click for picture];

- specimen from the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf Collection (inventory no. Roth12795); weight 3.59 g; diameter 20.20 mm [click for picture];

- specimen from CNG auction XXIX (lot 863), March 1994; weight 2.47 g [click for picture].

- specimen erroneously listed in RMBT (p. 68, no. 48a) with m.m. •STR; note, however, that the m.m. is shifted to l. and the crescent is probably obliterated [click for picture].

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