DNDIOCLETIANOBAEATISSIMOSENAVG [D N DIOCLETIANO BAEATISSIMO SEN AVG]; bust r., laur., in imperial mantle, r. holding olive branch, l. mappa.


PROVIDENTIADEORVMQVIESAVGG [PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG]; Providentia stg. r. extending r. hand to Quies stg. l., r. holding branch (up or down), l. leaning on sceptre. Kς in middle field. S in left field, F in right field. PTR in exergue.


UNLISTED OFFICINA - ς. RIC lists this type with K only in a middle field [TREVERI 674], but description was taken from Seyrig's manuscript and it could be a slip (see footnote 3 on p. 208). It leads to conclusion that TREVERI 674 does not exist. Note that there is also another error in RIC and TREVERI 671-678 mixes two issues - one from Treveri and one from Cyzicus (see: CORRIGENDA, VOL. VI, p. 208). Coin formally could be listed after TREVERI 674 (or as TREVERI 674 after correction), but in fact it belongs to CYZICUS 22a-23b.


Weight 8.60 g. From Gorny & Mosch auction 170 (lot 2867), October 2008.

Other specimens:

- from eBay, April 2001; weight 11.5 g [click for picture];

- sold on Künker auction 67 (lot 1083) in October 2001 for DEM 310; weight 9.46 g [click for picture];

- sold on Dr. Busso Peus auction 366 (lot 1530) in October 2000 for DEM 370; weight 10.47 g [click for picture];

- sold on Numismatik Naumann auction 59 (lot 513) in November 2017 for EUR 80; weight 9.26 g; diameter 28 mm [click for picture];

- from CNG Coinshop (no. 732461), sold for $225; weight 9.62 g [click for picture];

- from CNG Coinshop (no. 842000); weight 8.96 g; diameter 27 mm [click for picture];

- from Numismatica Ars Classica auction 92, part II (lot 2435), May 2016; Ex Beast Coins; weight 9.69 g; diameter 28-29 mm [click for picture];

- sold on VCoins (Roma Numismatics) for GBP 250; weight 8.12 g; diameter 32 mm [click for picture];

- from eBay, August 2001; weight 10.01 g [click for picture];

- sold on eBay in January 2017 for EUR 76; weight 9.03 g; diameter 28 mm [click for picture];

- from Ira & Larry Goldberg auction 59 (lot 2482), May 2010 [click for picture];

- from Triskeles Auctions sale 18 (lot 401), December 2016; weight 9.80 g; diameter 28 mm [click for picture];

- from Harlan J. Berk Buy or Bid Sale 118 (lot 534), January 2001; weight 10.01 g [click for picture].

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